Flower Language

 The Language of the Flowers

Apart from the bridal dress, the next biggest impact at any wedding is probably made by the flowers given their ability to add a splash of colour and aroma to the overall scene.  Here are some tips on flowers and what they symbolise.

Lily - purity
Lily of the valley - return of joy
Orchid - Longevity, elegance
Single rose - simplicity
Red rosebuds - pure and lovely

Red rose - Eternal love
White rose - truth
White and red rosebuds - unity
Jasmine - sensuality
Gladioli - strength of character
Fern - sincerity
Daisy - innocence
White chrysanthemum - truth
Red carnation - unrequited love
Pink carnation - woman's love


Fresh Flowers

Tips from Shiam Blossoms:

  • When choosing flowers, look for flowers at their peak - firm, succulent, and not discolored along their edges.
  • Some varieties of cut flowers last longer than others and can remain vibrant for long periods.
  • Keep them in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit), away from direct sunlight and heating.
  • Keep the floral foam soaked in water and keep the vase filled with water.
  • Cut the stem with sharp pruning shears.