Floral Etiquette


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The style of the bouquet and the features of the gown influence the way in which a bouquet should be carried to create elegance. If held in the proper manner, the bouquet adds to the beauty of the bride and complements the outfit and headdress. Bouquet size is also important and should be proportioned to compliment a Bride's size.

Cascade Bouquets

The traditional favourite with brides because of its full elegant flowing appearance.

Round Style and Hand-tie Bouquet

Also called the colonial bouquet, this bouquet is suitable for formal or informal weddings. Nosegay and Biedermeier are other names referring to round style bouquets.

Crescent Bouquet

Features an arching form with flowers extending out from the center of the bouquet.

Contemporary Freeform Bouquet

Interesting shapes, uncommon flower varieties and anything out of the ordinary.

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Corsages & Boutonnieres


These are cherished floral accents for the parents, grandparents, special guests and others taking part in your wedding. They are designed to coordinate with other wedding flowers in variety and colour when worn on the left shoulder.


Beside the groom and his groomsmen, it is just as important to honour the other special male guests. Boutonnieres should be worn on the left lapel.

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Floral Arrangements

Arrangements for Ceremony & Church Settings

Your wedding ceremony is where the memory of the day begins and we know that you would like the setting to be special. Flowers enhance the expression of your personal style. Floral arrangements can also grace the church in several ways to create a romantic atmosphere for the ceremony. You can glorify this setting with a variety of lush flowers and decorated candelabra with a beautiful floral accent to add the warm aura of candlelight or to compliment the service.

Pew Decorations

Beautiful pew decorations create an enchanting path to follow as the Bride makes her entrance and walks down the aisle. The floral looks that you can create for decorating the end of a pew or chair are endless. We can create just the right look to coordinate with the style of the wedding.

Click here to see church settings and pew decorations designed by Shiam Blossoms

Reception Settings

The overall look of any reception can vary, depending on the style or theme selected. There is an endless variety of floral ideas to enhance just about any setting for your occasion. Once you have selected the location and style that is right for you, work with us to create the magical setting you have dreamed of.

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Head Table & Centre Pieces

If you are planning a head table for the bridal party, choose floral decorations that coordinate with the arrangements you have selected for the guest tables. This will help you achieve an attractive, harmonious setting. From casual to elegant, we can provide a centerpiece to fit every occasion. Centerpieces styled with risers are an excellent way to fill the volume of space in large ballrooms and dinning rooms.

Desert, Hors d'Ouvre and Buffet Tables

Flowers enhance a food presentation in an elegant way and add to the mood. Include candles, fabric and ribbon with your floral displays to fashion interesting and romantic looks. Our staff will help you to create this appealing display and contribute to the splendour of the event. Even the most modest food table looks abundant when enhanced with flowers.

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As you have seen above, we use roses and orchids in most of our bouquets and arrangements. Orchids give a lovely flow and an artistic line. They give character to the floral designs and blend beautifully with the cascading whiteness of the bridal Trousseau, and veil. Roses add beauty, elegance and eternal love to a romantic atmosphere.

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Ikebana (Japanese Floral Arrangements)

Many different styles have appeared over the 500 years of Ikebana history. These styles include Rikka, Nageire, Shoka, Moribana and Free Style. Each has a distinctive character and is arranged with a particular form or pattern in mind. Rather than simply recreate large arrangements, we create natural arrangements relating to forces of nature with which plants live in harmony - few elegantly placed branches, leaves, flowers and buds. These elegant arrangements are very economical and can be personalized to suit any budget. 

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